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The Ohio Phoenix
221 Calverts Lane
West Portsmouth, OH 45663

Phone: 740.352.8512
Cell Phone: 740.352.8512
Fax: 740.768.8373
Email: wdmcclurg@gmail.com
Practice Areas: Specializing in IEP & 504 Plans
Geographical Area: Primary areas are Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. However, I do have clients in Indiana and Missouri. I will go where ever their is an individual with special needs in need of my service.

My rates are negotiable as I am for the individual, my KIDDO. My company's motto is "A Maverick for My KIDDOS".

If the state or geographical area does not currently have a listing available, please contact us at info@advocatesforspecialeducation.com, we are here to help.


Ilene B. Miller, M.S. Ed. Educational Consultant and Special Needs Advocate
228 East Route 59, #325
Nanuet, NY 10954

Phone: 347-802-5354
Email: ilene@ilenemiller.com
Practice Areas:
My belief is that ALL children deserve the same chance.

I am well aware of the disconnect between the support services a child needs and what services they are actually receiving (if any). Working as a special education advocate for the past 17 years has allowed me to meet many children and their families who did not know what to do and where to turn. Having worked in the educational industry for 23 years, I successfully secure support services on a regular basis for all kinds of children.

It can be time consuming, frustrating and downright exhaustive. However, with the proper assistance and guidance, your child can reach his/her potential and become the productive individual that they are.

I advocate in a wide range of ways. I can assist with developing an appropriate Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan for your child, which outlines the special education services your child should receive. Additionally, I can make recommendations for accommodations, modifications and related services. I attend school meetings, perform observations of the child within the school setting as well as at home and meet with all staff members that have interaction with the child during their school day. I also monitor any at-home provided services to ensure that they are being performed correctly and that the professional is a “correct fit” for the child. My services include working with the child outside of the school setting in order to improve behavior problems that negatively impact the child’s social life and functioning. Therefore, I provide family and individual coaching that address these particular areas of concern.

They did not ask to be born with these disabilities and it is our duty to provide them with all the services and help that is available so they can grow and flourish and reach each milestone with dignity and grace.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Psychology and Education, respectively.

If you’re at the point of hiring an advocate, hire one with a pristine track record like myself. This isn’t just a job, it’s my PASSION to see your child succeed.

Geographical Areas:
New Jersey (Monmouth County and above), Manhattan, Orange, Rockland and Westchester Counties

I am based in New York however I consistently work with families all over the United States via the phone.



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