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Imagination Rehab
15280 NW Central Drive Suite 101
Portland, OR 97229

Phone: 503.956.5390
Email: imaginatinorehab@gmail.com
Website: www.imaginatinorehab.com
Practice Areas: Special Needs (we've had outstanding success with kids behind in school, kids within the autism spectrum, Kids with brain injuries, and kids with a variety of developmental challenges).


We've primarily developed our own programs that incorporate all learning styles at once, adventurous themes, and game formats tailored to each individual's need, inspiration, and interest. We also incorporate other helpful programs within our own such as Handwriting Without Tears, Brain Gym, and more.

We help train parents to modify their behavior in ways that support their child's learning styles, environmental needs, and emotional needs promoting their critical thinking skills.

Additionally, with their parent's support, we partner with pediatric professionals (from occupational and physical therapists to life planning coaches for kids with disabilities) to holistically support the growth and success of each youth.

Geographical Area: Currently located in Bethany Village in Northwest Portland, OR near Beaverton, Hillsboro and Tualitan, OR.


Nichols Counseling LLC
5319 SW Westgate Dr., Suite 113
Portland, OR 97221

Phone: 971-330-2865
Email: nicholscounselingllc@gmail.com
Website: www.nicholscounselingllc.com
Practice Areas: Special Education Advocacy for Specific Learning Disability in Reading and Writing, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia.

Geographical Area:
Portland Metropolitan Area.


JOANIE KRUG (advocate)
Collaborati.ve Advocacy NW
4740 NW Woodside Terrace
Portland, OR 97210

Phone: 503-705-5669
Email: joaniekrug@gmail.com
Website: www.collaborativeadvocacynw.com
Practice Areas: Non-adversarial Special Education advocacy/consultation empowering families to collaborate with schools in developing comprehensive individualized plans that address educational and social needs. Behavioral consultation.

Geographical Area: Portland Metropolitan Area


If the state or geographical area does not currently have a listing available, please contact us at info@advocatesforspecialeducation.com, we are here to help.


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