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Andrea Alvarez,LLC

Phone: 203.899.1111
Fax: 203.826.9711
Email: Andrea@andrea-alvarez.com
Geographical Area: Fairfield county. Upper Westchester county

ACCESS! Education Consulting
94 Park Terrace Ave
West Haven, CT 06516

Practice Areas:
ACCESS! Education Consulting provides affordable and accessible comprehensive child-centered legal and nonlegal related services in the areas of Education, Health and Disability Law.
Geographical Area:
ACCESS! Education provides legal services in CT, RI and MA and nonlegal related services nationwide.

Law Office of Lawrence W. Berliner, LLC
1720 Post Road East, Suite 214 E
Westport, CT 06880

Phone: 203.255.0582
Fax: 203.255.0576
Email: lwb.esq@gmail.com
Areas of Practice: Attorney Lawrence Berliner, a special education and disability lawyer with 25+ years of experience, represents families with special needs throughout Connecticut and has dedicated his law practice exclusively to ensuring that the educational rights of Connecticut’s children with all disabilities are met by their school districts with his legal counsel, advocacy and representation.
Whether conducting a complete records review, being present at PPT meetings, empowering parents, securing appropriate educational services, handling Section 504 cases, or pursuing rights through formal complaints, mediation, or due process hearings, Attorney Berliner focuses his expertise, tenacity and commitment to making a difference …one family at a time.
Geographical Area: State of Connecticut


CT Education Advocacy, LLC
Stamford, CT - Serving Fairfield County CT

Phone: 203-550-8665
Email: jill@cteducationadvocacy.com
Website: www.cteducationadvocacy.com

Areas of Practice: A full range of educational advocacy services:
Complete Educational Record Review; Individualized Education Plan (IEP); Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Section 504 Plan Assessments; IEP Development, especially Measurable Goals and Objectives; Development of Strategy/Action Plans; Parent Coaching; Assistance Drafting School Communications / Agendas, etc.; Direct Advocacy at PPT/504 Meetings; Consultations with Treating Professionals; Direct Negotiation w/ School Districts; Due Process Mediations; Private Special Education School Placement Consulting; Referrals for Diagnostic/Treatment Services
Geographical Area: Connecticut


LYNN DALTON (Advocate)
On With Learning, LLC

802 Orchard Hill Lane
Brewster, NY 10509

Phone: 914-582-4248
Email: lynn.advocate@onwithlearning.com
Website: www.onwithlearning.com

Areas of Practice: On With Learning provides special education consulting and advocacy services to guide parents through the complex special education process and to develop effective individualized education plans with critical accommodations and support for their child. Creating a collaborative team, On With Learning turns student frustration and failure into meaningful success in school. Areas of expertise include autism, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and nonverbal learning disorder.
Geographical Areas: New York, Connecticut, Northern New Jersey, Western Massachusetts


chapel haven logo

Transitional Independent Living Program and Approved School
1040 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515

Phone: 203 397 1714
Fax: 203 937 2466
Email: cdecarlo@chapelhaven.org
Website: http://www.chapelhaven.org

Areas of Practice: Chapel Haven, a lifelong residential transitional independent living program and approved school, teaches people 18 years and older with developmental disabilities, Asperger's Syndrome and those on the autism spectrum how to live independent and productive lives.
Geographical Area: New Haven, CT and Tucson, AZ


AMY EISNER, MA (Advocate)
New Beginnings Ed. Advocacy, llc
7 Hemlock Lane
Coventry, CT

Phone: 860.742.9149
Fax: 860.742.9149
Email: amy@help4specialeducation.com
Website: www.help4specialeducation.com

Areas of Practice:I am a former ASD teacher who had a self contained classroom. I left teaching when I was told not to mention that a child in my class needed Speech and language at his PPT. I left teaching and opened an advocacy business. I go through a child's educational files, make appropriate documents for the PPT. I then attend the child's PPT, and advocate for any services I feel would benefit that child. I frequently walk parents through the eligibility process. PPT 1 it is a referral to special education, and I request diagnostics, for that particular child. PPT 11 is when the my skilled negotiation skills come into play. I negotiate for service with the Childs' LEA.
Eligibility is getting harder to get. Many parents are angry and confused, so I also empower them with knowledge by learning there rights
under I.D.E.A. I have had the joy of putting literally hundreds of children and families throughout CT. and Mass. I am a very skilled negotiator, which is a blessing as services for these kids have been cut radically! I also specialize in the area of test requests,
and diagnostic interpretation for all ancillary areas. I like to cross-reference testing data to look for growth or regression. Special Education Law is tricky. If you are having trouble getting services for your child then look me up. I will talk with any parent whether you are a client or not, as I respect the fact that they are trying to advocate for their child.
www.help4specialeducation.com I also do a lot of pro bono public speaking for our parents. I have a total of 23 years in the field. I love what I do. Any day I can help to put some little guy or gal on a better path is a great day for me!
Geographical Area:
Entire state of Connecticut, and parts of Massachusetts. I have also provided
representation on a conferenced call for out of state clients.

I will happily answer any questions that you parents may have. Special Education is made up of a lot of anachronisms. If you don't know the lingo you will be lost at your PPT. Additionally the SRBI and RTI has frequently enabled a district to put off testing and referrals. You have the right to a comprehensive evaluation at any time during the SRBI and RTI process! No one is going to offer you these services. You have a lot of learning to do. My website:
has a list of the anachronisms used in the world of Special Education Lingo.
You can "learn the lingo" on my website
www.help4specialeducation.com I will literally provide any parent with some advice whether they are a client or not.

Amy Eisner, M.A.



The Advocacy Office of Gerri Fleming
10 Wall Street
Norwalk, CT 06850

Phone: 203.543.6500
Fax: 203.853.9246
Email: gerri.fleming@gmail.com
Website: www.ctadvocacy.com

Areas of Practice: special education 3-21, IDEA and Section 504
Geographical Area: Connecticut



PO Box 26
Granite Springs, NY 10527

Phone: 914.458.1849
Email: michaelgilbergesq@gmail.com
Areas of Practice: Representing children with disabilities in all aspects of special education advocacy including IEP meetings and due process. I am also on the Autism spectrum myself so have waked in their shoes!

Geographical Areas: All of New York and Connecitcut



j lynn enterprises

J. Lynn Enterprises, LLC
56 Noah Lane
Tolland, CT

Phone: 413.563.1898
Fax: 860.454.7494
Email: judy@transitionresponse.com
Website: www.transitionresponse.com

Areas of Practice: Nationally recognized for our comprehensive transition assessment and functional vocational evaluations.

Consultants that provide school systems, agency and private concerns with training and programming design expertise in all areas of transition services using research based best practices.

A source of service which includes vocational services, life skills training and postsecondary education orientation that are individually design and community based.
Geographical Area: National Trainer
Consult throughout New England
All areas of Massachusetts



CACLD - Connecticut Association for Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities
25 Van Zant Street, Suite 15-5
E. Norwalk, CT 06855

Phone: 203.838.5010
Fax: 203.866.6108
Email: CACLD@optonline.net
Website: www.CACLD.org

Areas of Practice: CACLD has Educational Advocates including a retired school psychologist and a special education attorney who can help you. As advocates, our services include consultations, review of records, helping parents understand evaluations, attending PPT meetings and more.
Geographical Area: Connecticut and Westchester County, NY


Law Offices of Jennifer Laviano, LLC

76 Route 37 South
Sherman, CT

Phone: 860.350.4757
Fax: 860.350.8356
Email: Jennifer@SpecialEdJustice.com
Website: www.connecticutspecialeducationlawyer.com


By Your Side Advocacy LLC
2 Brookside Drive
Clinton, CT 06413

Phone: 860-287-3085
Email: byyoursideadvocacyllc@gmail.com
Website: www.byyoursideadvocacy.com

Areas of Practice: Navigating the special education system can be complex. Having someone experienced to support you and your child's needs brings you peace of mind and levels the playing field. We've walked in your shoes. We will walk by your side on your child's IEP or 504 journey.
Geographical Area: Connecticut



JENNIFER LORTIE (Assistive Technology)
Eastern CT Assistive Technology Center and Windham
Regional Community Council

872 Main St.
Willimantic, CT 06226

Phone: 860.423.4534
Fax: 860.423.2601
Email: jennifer.lortie@wrccinc.org
Website: http://www.wrccinc.org/ECAT.html


DINA MADORE (Attorney)
Business Name Transition Advocacy Services
190 Tobacco Street, 1st FLoor
Lebenon, CT 06249

Phone: 860.617.5178
Fax: 860.553.6166
Email: dinamadore@gmail.com
Areas of Practice: Specializing in Transition related matters. The term “transition services” means a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that: • Is designed to be within a results-oriented process, that is focused on improving the academic and functional achievement of the child with a disability to facilitate the child’s movement from school to post-school activities, including postsecondary education, vocational education, integrated employment (including supported employment); continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation; • Is based on the individual child’s needs, taking into account the child’s strengths, preferences, and interests; and, • Includes instruction, related services, community experiences, the development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives, and, if appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation. [34 CFR 300.43 (a)] [20 U.S.C. 1401(34)]
Geographical Area: Connecticut Hartford County, Tolland County, Windham County, New London County etc.



Advocacy Office of Susan Magaziner Advocate
20 Bingham Avenue, Suite 6B
Rumson, NY 07760

Phone: 732-758-6100
Cell: 732-539-4774
Fax: 732-747-9767
Practice Areas: Consultation and advocacy services. Parent coaching and parent advocate. As a Board Certified Education Advocate I serve as a voice for marginalized populations that face barriers. Areas of practice include discrimination of race, color, ethnicity gender and disability issues including school bullying and discipline. I help parents overcome these barriers to their child's education.

Geographical Areas:


The Southfield Center for Development
85 Old Kings Highway North
Darien, CT

Phone: 203.202.7654
Fax: 203.202.7655
Website: http://www.southfieldcenter.com


Law Office of Jamie Mattice, LLC
PO Box 116
Brookfield, CT 06804

Phone: 203.802.7002
Email: jamie@jmatticelaw.com
Website: http://www.jmatticelaw.com

Areas of Practice: For several years, I have represented children with special needs and their parents at Planning and Placement Team and Committee on Special Education meetings, due process hearings and subsequent appeals, to attain a free, appropriate public education. I also represent children in disciplinary and bullying matters and for special needs planning.
Geographical Area: Connecticut and New York.


ANN McCARTHY (Advocate)
The Southfield Center for Development
85 Old Kings Highway North
Darien, CT 06820

Phone: 203.202.7654
Email: ann.mccarthy@southfieldcenter.com
Website: http://www.southfieldcenter.com

Areas of Practice: Works with parents and families to secure educational rights for their children with disabilities.
Geographical Area: Connecticut


CAROLE A. OTT, M.S., 6th yr. (Advocate)
Otto Educational Consulting, LLC
116 Meadow Woods Road
Deep River, CT 06417

Phone: 860.767.0755
Cell: 860.575.4718
Email: ottocarole@gmail.com

Areas of Practice: Comprehensive Special Education Advocate and Consultant will provide expert advice. Will review history, evaluations, present programs, attend PPT/504 meetings, help to develop improved programming, and provide general support and counseling to parents to insure your child's rights are enforced. Develop an action plan.
Geographical Area: I have served as an Adjunct Professor at St Joseph's University in West Hartford teaching graduate level Special Education courses. I have been a special education administrator and teacher. Most recently I was the Special Education Director for a private school for children with special needs.


PIPER A. PAUL (Attorney)
Piper Paul Law, LLC
1465 Post Road East, Suite #104
Westport, CT 06881

Phone: 203.280.1885
Cell: 203.984.0900
Email: ppaul@piperpaullaw.com

Webmail: www.piperpaullaw.com
Areas of Practice: Special education, manifestation hearings, expulsion hearings, criminal matters.
Geographical Area: Connecticut and New York


Phoenix Rising Educational Advocates

17 Warner Road
Fredon, NJ 07860

Phone: 609-848-1400
Fax: 609-848-1401

Areas of Practice: We specialize in special education advocacy and litigation. We strive to provide education and counsel to those navigating the varied aspects of special education.
Geographical Areas: NJ, NY, PA, and CT

Law Offices of Bonnie Spiro Schinagle

19 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 516.387.5874
Cell Phone: 516.387.5874
Email: bschinagle@schinaglelaw.com
Areas of Practice: My practice uses the available legal tools to secure the educational placement your child needs. Services range from seeking private school tuition reimbursement, inclusion placements and compensatory education for related services,
Geographical Areas:Manhattan and the 5 boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and Southern Connecticut City

(School Psych/Lic. Counselor)
Rhode Island Advocacy for Children
22 Kingston Avenue
Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879

Phone: 860.442.1133
Cell Phone: Phone: 860.235.8053
Fax: 860.442.1133
Email: joanna@riadvocacyforchildren.org
Website: www.riadvocacyforchildren.org

Areas of Practice: Serving all Children with Disabilities / Special Needs: Neuropsychological and Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Executive Functioning, Attention Deficit, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, Central Auditory Processing, Sensory Integration /Processing Disorder, Social Skills Deficits, Communication Disorders, Speech and Hearing Impairments, Developmental Disabilities, Downs Syndrome, Conduct Disorders, Behavioral Challenges, Emotional Disturbance, Suspension, Expulsion, Bipolar Disorder or other Psychiatric Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anorexia , Psychological Services, School Refusal/Phobic Disorders, Medically Fragile & Chronic Health Conditions, Transitioning Youth, Trauma, Twice Exceptional Children. Experienced in Early Intervention (3-5), Elementary, Middle, High School and College. Educational Non-Attorney Advocates in Special Education, Individuals Disability Education Act (IDEA), 504 Accommodations, Civil Rights. Rhode Island Advocacy also conducts Independent Educational Evaluations and Private Tutoring for Children with Disabilities, Counseling and Support Groups. Non-Profit founded by a parent of a child with disabilities; all of our Advocates are Educational Professionals, Master and Ph.D.’s and have comprehensive Educational Leadership skills.
Geographical Area: Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts

(School Psych/Lic. Counselor)
Lighthouse Psychoeducational Services
867 Pequot Ave.
New London, CT 06320-4243

Phone: 860.442.1133
Cell Phone: Phone: 860.235.8053
Fax: 860.442.1133
Email: Moshea867@ct.metrocast.net
Website: http://www.lighthousepsyched.com

Areas of Practice: diagnostic assessment with interventions counseling - group and individual LD/ADHD coaching parent education parent counseling special education paperwork organization workshops
Geographical Area: Connecticut and Rhode Island and other areas via computer and web cam

I have been doing advocacy work for approx. 5 yrs. I believe all children can reach their potential (different for each child) when they get the right services.


Gregory Smith LLC
28 Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgefield, CT

Phone: 203.244.5466
Fax: 888.717.0543
Email: law@gnsmith.com
Website: http://www.schoolandcourt.com/


Law Office of Anne I. Treimanis, LLC
10 Wall Street
Norwalk, CT 06850

Phone: 203.838.5485
Fax: 203.838.4222
Email: attorneytreimanis@gmail.com
Website: www.spedlawyers.com

Areas of Practice: special education, disability discrimination, social security disability benefits, special needs trusts, actions under the ADA and section 504.
Geographical Area: Connecticut


NIKKI ZEOLI (Advocate)
20 Meeker Road
Westport, CT 06880

Phone: 203-400-3127
Email: nikki_p_zeoli@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.advocates4sped.com

Areas of Practice: Obtaining excellent educational programming for students by strategically cutting through and reversing school district's smoke and mirrors, denials and delays.
Geographical Area:
Fairfield County Connecticut


If the state or geographical area does not currently have a listing available, please contact us at info@advocatesforspecialeducation.com, we are here to help.


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